The 1 Requirement of a Godly Leader that is Different from All Other Leaders

A huge part of my job is HR. With more than 80 staff at Rolling Hills, we are always updating job descriptions, goals, reviews and more. I really love it, but it is time consuming. Job descriptions aren’t just a piece of paper that checks a box, they are real, living documents that are to outline what a staff person does. 

A lot of leadership job descriptions look the same. There are elements of coaching, putting systems in place, stewarding resources and casting vision. But there is 1 requirement that is Essential for the Godly Leader that you won’t find on any of those leadership job descriptions. What is it? Hold on just a minute. 

First, I want to ask you to think about what that 1 requirement could be. In truth, there could be 50 or more requirements that we could think of – reading God’s Word, praying for and with those you lead and seeking Godly counsel. But, there is 1 Leadership requirement that stands out. 

It comes from 1 Peter 1:16. Be Holy. There it is. That’s it. We all want to know the latest Leadership skill and latest Leadership fad. We all want to know how to lead in this culture and to this generation. But God puts it very simply. It is Essential for a Godly Leader To – Be – Holy. 

To be holy means to be set apart, to be different, to seek to honor God first and see where the rest of life takes you. To be holy means that we have a default to prayer, doing what God’s Word says about how we should act, live or manage and that, as a Godly Leader, we point people to God first. 

1 Peter 1:16 put it very simply – for it is written: ‘Be holy, because I am holy.’”

Ok, Leader. Where is your holiness quotient? Do those you lead feel pointed to Jesus after leaving a meeting with you? Do they know that your default is seeking Godly counsel and His word? Do they look at you as someone set apart, different, and seeking God first?

We all can justify our unGodly mouths, our ethical short-cuts, or our exaggerations and lies, can’t we? We say to ourselves, it’s for the greater good or everybody does it or…and the list goes on. 

Godly Leader – Be a Godly Leader. Remember that your number 1 requirement is to Be Holy

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Love being on this Essential Godly Leadership journey with you!


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