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"A good coach makes all of the difference. Finding one is no easy task. Eric Rojas has a stellar track record and prodigious experience with the complexity of executive-level leadership. His encouraging spirit and down-to-earth demeanor make coaching come alive. "


Are you struggling to be an effective church leader?


Are you being blocked by a personal or professional problem?


Want to improve personnel issues?


Let Eric help you discover strategic, Godly, sustainable solutions!

When you’re in a leadership position, you’re always expected to have all the answers. But what happens when you just don’t know what to do? You need someone who can help you see things from another perspective, or give you feedback on your ideas. As your personal coach, I will become an objective 3rd party to help you find solutions to problems of any kind…

About Me

Executive Coach & Consultant for Church Leaders & Executive Pastors

I provide executive coaching to church leaders to help them solve problems of any type that they are facing in their personal development and ministry leadership. I am able to be an objective 3rd party who offers guidance and training when these problems cannot be solved internally.

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How It Works

A Systematic Approach to Resolve Issues and Create Sustainable Solutions

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"I've noticed that recruitment of volunteers has been a real struggle since the pandemic. Even though our attendance has returned to the pre-pandemic levels, our volunteers have not. Sadly, this is a problem I'm hearing from lots of churches. So, I invited Eric to train our staff on the best ways to recruit volunteers. It was super practical and even motivational. I full anticipate our volunteerism to increase in the near future."

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