Hot Under The Collar – 3 Ways Godly Leaders Should Deal With Anger

You don’t know exactly what happened, but you just had a big fight with your spouse, and now things have unraveled. When you stop to think about the topic of your fight, you realize that it wasn’t anything that big. Was it a tipping point of something larger and deeper? Why does this happen too often these days? 

Too many of us find that that sentiment represents our world. We simply get hot under the collar way too often. As Godly Leaders, it is essential that we learn about anger and the Godly way to deal with it before it’s too late physically, relationally, emotionally, or even, spiritually. 

Anger Myth – you don’t have to be a yeller or a screamer or a thrower of things to have an anger issue. Many of us are perpetually angry and keep it bottled in and/or don’t know how to deal with our anger when it comes upon us. Godly Leaders know that it is essential to realize and recognize that fact. 

Signs Anger Has the Best of You – in case you’re wondering, there are some telltale signs that anger has the best of you. 

  • Blaming others. Friend, it’s not someone else’s fault that you got angry. You have a choice to make. If you blame others, anger has the best of you. 
  • Becoming passive-aggressive. This is my favorite… not! If, instead of blowing a gasket, you become bitter, sarcastic, or mean, then anger has the best of you.
  • Lingering anger. If you refuse to forgive someone and allow anger to continue for days on end, it has the best of you. 
  • Harming things or people. If you find yourself breaking TV remotes or punching walls or, heaven forbid, harming people physically or verbally, anger definitely has the best of you. 
  • Running away. If you have to run away from people because your anger is so strong, anger has the best of you. 

Godly Leader, if you have an anger issue, you know it down deep. The Holy Spirit has convicted you and is leading you to make changes. Your health, your marriage, your parenting, your friendships, your work, and your relationship with God are all on the line. Start to take essential steps to allow the Lord to grow you into the Godly Leader that He wants you to be. 

Here are the 3 Ways Godly Leaders Should Deal With Anger:


Proverbs 29:11 says, Fools vent their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back. The Bible doesn’t promise we won’t get angry, but over and over, it instructs us to restrain our anger. We do this through immediate and long-term prayer, accountability, walking away for a few minutes, using words of water and not gasoline, and memorizing Scripture so that it will come to mind in those tense moments. 


It’s been said we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. James 1:19-20 instructs us to, Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires. Did you catch the imperative directive there? We MUST be quick to use our ears. Godly Leaders are great listeners. Godly Leaders are great question-askers. Listen first, second, and third, then start to think about talking. 

#3. LET IT GO.

Godly Leaders know it is essential to forgive and let anger go. Colossians 3:8 instructs us, But now is the time to get rid of anger, rage, malicious behavior, slander, and dirty language. Friend, you’ve made it this far in this blog, and you just read that now is the time. Godly Leader, take those steps today to forgive and let anger, rage, and potty-mouth talking go from your life!

I believe you will succeed as a Godly Leader with anger as you give it over to Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through you to a greater degree each day! That is essential for being the Godly man and woman and leader that God is calling you to be! 

We could talk a lot more on this topic, but we’ll leave it there for now. What are your thoughts or questions? Leave them in the comments. If you found this blog helpful or thought-provoking, please subscribe below to receive a new weekly blog in your email on Tuesday morning. Also, if you think this blog would be helpful for others, please share it on social media or tell a few friends about it! 

Love being on this Essential Godly Leadership journey with you!

Essential Godly Leadership: “Leading your life, your family, your work, your relationships, and your world in a way that is seeking wisdom from, and pleasing to, the Lord Jesus.”


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