3 Actions to Take When Life Hits the Fan

3 Actions to Take When Life Hits the Fan
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Friday, October 7, 2022

It’s been said that there are no bad attitude locker rooms when a team is winning. It seems that winning cures all difficulties, doesn’t it? It’s also funny that every sport’s coach of the year or manager of the year always comes from a winning team. I get that – I really do. However, in life, sometimes your greatest success stories as a Godly Leader will come from difficult times. 

So, who are you when life hits the fan? Are you fearful or scared? Do you become more of a tyrant? Do you seem to disappear or go into a shell? Do you freeze up or freak out? You see, it is essential for the Godly Leader to point people to Jesus in difficult times. Here are three essential actions to take when life hits the fan. 

#1 – Evaluate, Don’t Freak. Did you know that 80% of what we worry about never actually takes place? Godly Leaders take the time to truly evaluate every situation. Get the facts. Godly Leaders don’t freak out; they trust a sovereign God and take the time to study in order to show themselves approved. You’ve heard there are two sides to every story. I believe there are three sides – Side A, Side B, and the Truth. If you just listen to side A or side B in a difficult situation, you might just freak out or take the wrong actions. Godly Leaders know to take a deep breath, say a heartfelt prayer, and get the facts. 

#2 – Cast a Vision of a Preferred Future. We commonly use the word hope to refer to what we dream will happen in the future. For example, I might say, “I hope the Cubs win the World Series again in 2023.” (Now, in that case, it is really going to happen, so that’s a bad example.) But, many times we use hope in situations that aren’t so decisive. In Scripture when “hope” is used, it’s an expected certainty. Colossians 1:27 says that Christ in you is the hope of glory. That’s an expected certainty! It is essential that the Godly Leader point those they lead – family, team, staff, organization, congregation, small group – to put their hope in Christ in difficult times, knowing that He has a preferred future in mind for them! 

#3 – Start & End With Prayer! Look at Scripture and see how Godly Leaders call out to God at the beginning, middle, and end of difficult times. Godly Leaders model spiritual discipline and dependency on Christ for those they lead. Prayer is essential, and Godly Leaders act like it is. All leaders of faith would say that prayer is a part of their leadership and decision-making. However, Godly Leaders know and are known to make prayer essential when the going gets tough. 

Mom, dad, boss, organizational leader, grandparent, coach, small group leader – how would those closest to you describe you when the going gets tough? What words would they use about you and your reactions when life hits the fan? Your desire to be a Godly Leader is a great one. Apply these three actions to your life now and make them a habit, so when the going gets tough you’ve already gotten going!

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